Friday, 28 August 2009

Tis a bloody game...

And tis why its called Blood Bowl. =D

Over the last few days I have submersed myself in Blood Bowlness. It started the other night when I spotted that I had a bookmark for a website called FUMBBL. I signed up and made a team. If you are unsure what this site is, let me tell you... its a method for playing BB games online - a lot like vassal - without the requirement for a table/board or minis or even rolling dice. Its fun, played two games and suck badly (0-3 losses both times), but I'm still getting use to it. Also, they use LRB4, rather than LRB5.

Been playing an orc team, so far done nothing spectactular except fail. Though, one of my four Black Orc Blockers now have the 'Block' skill. Making him even better - S4 + Block.

I need to pay attention to stats and my movement again. I made some terrible mistakes in those two games - often revolving around me trying to dodge. Or failing at blocking. I need to do some reading and learn a bit more.

All this leads up to me wanting to organise a BB FUMBBL based league on LO. I'm hoping to get support, but if it works it could be fun - especially as we could do a lot with it. Awards for teams, teams an LO tournament. I just need to figure out the details etc. It would be a lot of fun.

Damnit. I wanna play BB in person now. I have plans to convert myself a nice orc team, even though I already possess a stripped dwarf team from the boxed set. A project for a later date.

Hey... how about a blogsphere FUMBBL BB league? -__^ hehe. Ideas..ideas...


  1. Ooooo I might be interested in a league. :D

    No idea how to use Fumbbl though but still.

  2. hehe.

    Its odd to start with, but a bit of fiddling around with and you get the general idea of how it works. I'd also suggest trying to organise a game vs a randomer or a vet willing to teach. Its good learning.

    But like I said, LRB4 (one with the BB set, not the downloadable one)

    I am loving BB at the moment, can't wait for the game to come to the Xbox.

    Oh, join in the league on LO. -__^


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