Thursday, 6 August 2009

Ork Objective (Pt V)

The Templar is in fact being worked on, today he was undercoated. Wooo. As I was waiting for him to dry I returned to one of the objectives, this one is nearly complete just the board to finish. You'll see that its pure brown, that is because I plan to try out freehanding some wood effect (ie grain) onto it. A bit of practice. So hopefully that one will be finished tomorrow.

The skulls came out quite well, I love the ageing effect the sepia wash has, took these up to completion and then gave them a couple of washes and they aged quite well I feel. The helmets I wanted to be kept uniformed, so they're all almost the same colours.

I like this objective as I will be able to add other trophies to it when I feel like it. :D

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