Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Of Wolf and Man

I doubt many of you know but I have always had a secret love affair with the space wolves. The main reason for this being as I love the Vikings and Anglo-Saxons as a historic culture, being an archaeology student I have seen some of this. I have read the major recorded Viking sagas and I just love them.

So, with this love in mind I have always found it odd that I never have owned a Wolf army. I've always wanted too, but I think what stopped me was the desire to make and design my marine army (which I did with The Scions of Ra). But I have always wanted a wolf army. So how excited do you think I was when I actually got wind of them being redone? Very, that's the word you're grasping at. I saw this as a chance to actually do the army I want.

I am however disheartened to see the complaints people have spouted about the two known wolf minis of the new range. It seems many are basing their views off of two singular minis - and basic troopers at that. Personally I like them. They look very wolfy and I agree with something I read somewhere in that they look like space wolfs, without the use of a tail and axe to make it clear. I am looking forward to seeing the army as it comes out, and I hope it appears at the UK Gamesday - something I am attending this year for the first time in about four or five years. Having wolves there would make my year.

That said, I have no real plans for my wolves. I am not going to buy any minis for them just yet - not even basic troops - as I am unsure of what might be available in the new codex. At any rate, I am in no hurry to get these marines going - I have my ork army to expand and learn how to play. I plan to make my wolves look the part - full of conversions and painted to a high standard. These will be my showcase marines; and a change of pace (perhaps?) from the orks.


  1. From what I've heard, the new sprue is supposed to have around 30 heads and a tons of other bitz. If that's true, then those two Marines are just a very small taste of the potential.

    As always, I advocate ignoring the internet wags and waiting until you can see the full release for yourself.

    (Of course, I'll end up getting some anyways because I've been a Wolf player for ages...)

  2. Oh, I agree. I've never truly put that much stock in internet rumours; though it is fun to speculate.

    I am looking forward to the wolves, and owning an army of them for the first time.


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