Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Black Templar (Pt III)

After a good relaxing weekend - girlfriend visit, Star Wars: Force Unleashed + big TV (due to housemate) I have picked the brush up once more. I gave the helmet another bash. It not amazing, but its better than before; sort of works. I have finished the other red, though it might look a bit dark in these pictures, and begun work on the parchment. I'm not going to take it too bright. I want it to look dark and old, so it won't be the usual newer looking colour.

I haven't shown the backpack off yet as to be honest there isn't really much to show. I am not sure what to fill it with. I have considered a great big red cross with two pieces of scroll on it (top and bottom) saying "Suffer not the" and "alien to live". But more ideas are welcome.


  1. I really like the reds and how the parchment is shaping up but I can't get on board with the black. I think I can see where you're going with it but it is too subtle. I usually go for very subtle with black also but when there is so much of it I don't think it works as well. I'm sure you'll get it to work though.

  2. Thanks. The black has been washed out a bit really, but I am having a slight problem with it being too subtle - like you said. An extreme layer to highlight would work but its the placement and blending required to make it suit.

    It still needs work.


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