Monday, 31 May 2010

Dwarf Blood Bowl Team - slayer

Right.  The final player in the boxed set.  The slayer.  Following this is the Star Player and 'markers'.  Overall I am quite happy with him, for a quick and tabletop level painting.  The blood is only really on one hand because I tried it on the other and it just didn't look right.  There are a little bit of remains to hint at his use of the hand.

Friday, 28 May 2010

Blood Bowl Dwarfs, More!

I have been delayed in painting over the last few days, mostly due to the X-box.  Having finished my degree (just awaiting results and then graduation) I have nothing to do for a month.  Not being able to play much on the machine I recently purchased two games.  Halo3 - ODST and Dragon Age Origins.  Both great and I am really loving Dragon Age, being a huge fan of fantasy and RPGs.  So yeah...  However just to show I am doing stuff... I come bearing images!

All that is left now is the slayer and the star player slayer.  Then on to the few extras.  I have a good idea on how I want to do the "Score" and the "Turn" markers, but the "re-roll" ones I cannot think of something good except barrels and I do not own any fantasy-esk ones.  Ideas?

Sunday, 23 May 2010

Dwarf Blood Bowl Team

So, with university practically over now I have a good few weeks before I have to move out to get some painting done.  I started on the next batch of dwarf players.  This is three longbeards/blockers and one blitzer.  Overall I am happier with them, they turned out much better than the previous four.  The only thing that might spoil them is the numbers.  I decided to do them as dwarf numerals, they go into tally style from five upwards.  They look OK, but might go back and repaint the pads with a more traditional numbers instead.  Not sure yet.


Friday, 21 May 2010


I haven't posted much for the better half of a week or so.  Sorry about that, life took a slightly busy turn for me.  Monday was my second year anniversary with my missus, we went to Newcastle for a day out.  Wednesday was the day I handed in my dissertation and thus practically finished uni life! 

As I have no uni stuff to do now, I am hoping to get some more painting done.  I would like to get the dwarf blood bowl team finished before I leave Sheffield.  I should manage that one.  I am not really going to get myself into massive tasks of painting, mainly because I only have a month left in Sheffield. So, I kinda can't between the packing I have to now do and such.  I do have some stuff I can finish off though.

Oh yeah.  The Warrior Priest didn't sell.  No bids.  So I will relist him at some point soon.

Friday, 14 May 2010

Blood Bowl Dwarfs

Ok, well I have done my first four dwarfs of the team and well... they're OK. I really dislike the models themselves but want to get them done out the way. So they are painted pretty much to tabletop level. I have left one shoulder pad free for the 'owner' to paint a symbol or add a transfer themselves. So yeah. Lets have it then...


Thursday, 13 May 2010

I am painting!

Just a brief update.  I am getting some paint down, might get some WIP pictures tomorrow.  I have four dwarf blood bowl players on my desk at the moment.  I went with a half blue, half white scheme.  So far they look OK.  I don't like the minis themselves, the masks are not fun to paint.  I also realised that I wasn't trying to paint these up to display level, so am just going to do them at a decent tabletop level.  I think they will be fine.  I am also going to be adding a few markers (turn, re-roll and score) as well. 

I am also slightly disappointed by my priest.  So far he has no bids, there are still four days or so left.  I am unsure why, perhaps the £15 starting price was a little too much.  I hope the dwarf blood bowl team goes better, though this isn't a very heartening start to an ebay sale. =(

Warrior Priest


Saturday, 8 May 2010

Warrior Priest

So, as I said this fellow was going up on ebay as a test to see if I can occasionally make the odd bit of extra on the side.  He is now hosted on ebay.  You can find his link below, if you like him please bid on him! ;)

In other news, I have started another item I plan to stick on ebay.  This is a metal Dwarf Blood Bowl team.  So far I have done their bases and plan to get them undercoated and ready for painting tomorrow evening or the next day.  So expect to see them on here soon.  What is in the team is:

  1. Blitzer x2
  2. Blocker/Longbeard x7
  3. Runner x2
  4. Troll Slayer
  5. Star Player - Grim Ironjaw

Thursday, 6 May 2010

Warrior Priest - Complete

So, he's finally done.  Overall I am pretty damn happy with him, painting wise I like.  The freehand isn't amazing but I'm still learning - it says "Empire" at the top and "Sigmar" at the bottom, I found I tend to paint letters too thickly.  Something to deal with next time.  The weathering might be hard to see, but has turned out quite nicely.  Then I decided to do some blood on his hammer, came out well I feel.  The final thing I have done tonight was his base - or the shield on it.  It's a midtone purple with half an eight-pointed star on... then muddied and bloodied up.  I really like the look of it.

I did have a slight problem at the end.  The hands did not go together seamlessly like they originally did.  I do not know why but there was a slight gap, I am not happy about this as I feel it spoils him a bit.  I don't want a buyer to get him and see these and get upset. :(  However, I cannot think of a way of fixing it without GSing over the gaps.  So, it will be left.  I have tried to cover them as best I can.  *shrug*

Anyway, before the pictures go up, he will be going on ebay later this week (I'm going to post a link to it when he's up), so feel free to bid on him!  This is mainly a small project to see if I am good enough to occasionally earn a little bit of money on the side.  It be nice!

Now... photos.

Link Within

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