Friday, 14 August 2009

Black Templar (Pt IV)

Ok, well he's pretty much done. I have his banner to attempt and he'll be finish - minus the base. Overall I am sort of happy with him. I ran into a few problems;

I cannot blend properly, getting a bit better but its not quite there. The grey highlights just don't quite look right, and I can see the layers in the sword.

I attempted to make the icon on his shoulder pad and shield look aged and cracked. To this end I used VMC cracking medium. I don't believe its meant for use on such a small area, and I applied it quite thickly. It nearly ruined the minis. I managed to just about pull the scrolls and crosses to an OK level - but the skull just looks crap. Something to remember for next time.

There are a few scratches I put on the mini, but the metal with a grey highlight just don't look convincing enough. :( I'm going to finish him, I'm just not entirely happy with him at the moment. He's OK, but isn't that good looking. I do like the robes and scroll work, its the zenith highlighting that has thrown me really.Anyway, here he is...

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