Thursday, 11 June 2009

Ork Painting Guide

I have not been lacks, instead I have been painting my lootas. I have seven complete, minus the bases, and have managed to get the final six up to the wash stage. I also decided to write a little tutorial of how I do my orks.

The first stage
This stage I don't have an image of, as its the undercoat. They were undercoated black; mainly sprayed but then washed with a mixture of PVA, water and chaos black.

One thing you'll notice is that he has no arms. Being as he's a loota, his arms have a lot of details attached to them, so they have been attached to separate corks for painting. This applies to most of my miniatures, with arms or parts that do not obscure details.

Stage 2

The skin has been painted with Knarloc Green, the paint isn't that clean as you'll see that I have gone over the edges, being a bit sloppy. This gets cleaned up later.

Stage 3

The shirt and gun housing + support frame [not shown] is painted with Hawk Turquoise, again being a bit sloppy, but being careful to avoid the skin.

Stage 4

The teeth, trousers and and rope, bandages, leather etc was painted in leather brown. This time I was being more careful, making sure not to cross any lines.

Stage 5

Here the metals were basecoated with boltgun metal.

Also, not shown in this photo is the use of brass on bullets; tubing and pipes. Dark Flesh was used on cable insulation.

Stage 6

In these images I have washed the entire miniature in a heavy wash of badab black. That is as far as I have gotten today. Tomorrow is highlighting.
OK, I have finished the mob for now; just the bases to go. And to continue the guide...

Stage 7

The first stage highlight is gnarloc green and elf flesh.

Stage 8

Next stage is a mix of hawk turquoise and skull white, applied to all the blue on the mini, including the gun housing and the back pack.

Stage 9

Using leather brown and flat brown. Again, highlighting any brown previously.

Also, in this stage, you'll notice, I have also painted the teeth. First in kommando khaki and then adding bleached bone to the mix.

Stage 10

In the final stage, I used mithril silver to highlight the silver. I once again used brass to highlight the brass.

And here is the finished product.

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