Sunday, 9 August 2009

Black Templar (Pt II)

I've done some work on the Templar. I think its too early to say how good he looks but I'm still uncertain - I often find they look bad until suddenly it all comes together and works. I'm hoping this is the case here.

First Off I went for zenith style highlighting on the black armour, as I felt that edge highlighting would not suit. I think I sort of pulled it off, but my blending skills still need work (also black to light grey isn't actually as easy as it seems), the arm and shoulder pad are fine. The helmet is the worse area - it was too bright so I dulled it with some washes, now its too dark. I need to look at it again I think.

The red robes are pretty much done, I think. The secondary red will be a lot darker than the robes. I shaded the red with green for the first time and was surprised as to how well it worked.

That's if for now. My girlfriend is visiting for a few days, so chances are painting will not be high on the priorities list.


  1. Looks good so far... sometimes I don't know about mine until I'm actually done painting them and can see the final product.

  2. As my wife loves to say: "Every art project has an 'ugly' phase. The challenge is to see it through to the finish."

    Get more paint on the guy and I think you'll start seeing more of what you want coming through.

  3. I think he's look good so far.

    Once you set some more work done, I'm pretty sure he'll be awesome.



    *Punches you inna FACE*


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