Monday, 31 August 2009

LOCS mini - Skink Hero Complete

His base is dry and now he's all done. Overall I am happy with him, the gold does let him down a bit though. I just can't paint gold well. :S Also, for reasons known only to itself and a seahorse in the Indian Ocean, my camera has decided that it won't show the correct colour of the shield. It is in fact a turquoise colour, looks really good, but here its constantly making it into a green colour. I can't figure out why.


  1. Nice figure
    For the gold, try starting with tin bitz and then build up to gold in layers that mix and more gold.

  2. "that mix in more and more gold"

  3. Beautiful.

    That base is great.

    My only gripe is that it seems to lean out of the base and throw the whole mini out. Maye if the rock angled into the middle of the base to more centralise the mini. I don't know.

    Is is still some awesome work.


  4. Rogue - Yeah, I see your point the reason that is on such a small area the ater effects probably would not have been that good or a lot less of it.


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