Wednesday, 26 August 2009

LOCS mini - Skink Hero (Pt II)

Further progress today. I am quite happy with him, as people have pointed out his colour is unusual. I had originally planned to steer away from the blue/red of the GW scheme, but looking again he is very similar - just different shades. The scales don't show up that well here, but they were taken to a decent red and then washes repeatedly with purple and rehighlighted. I am very happy how they came out. But my favourite part at the moment has to be the shield. I have a thing about turquoise at the moment, and I saw this before - deep, deep shading and quite light highlights.

Overall I have been practising glazing, using it on the belly to tie it in with the skin, as well as on the rat skull. I'm learning more of how to make a glaze and use it properly. Quite handy stuff. As you can see I'm going for a different angle for the gold. As lizardmen are the 'warhammer Aztec' army, I didn't want them to have pure gold. Instead I'm going to aim for a red-gold. A sort of copper-gold alloy if you will. So here I have basecoated it - copper + brass (both VMC) and given it all a heavy wash of baal red; hence the very red look.

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