Monday, 26 October 2009

Well... that was a while.

So, yeah. I am alive, sorry about not posting for ages. I had had work and all sorts happening over the last few weeks, just not had the time. =( I am however free from Wednesday evening onwards. I am hoping to get some painting done on Thursday and Friday. As you might have guessed I haven't really touched the hobby at all recently - still been on the forums I visit and that, but otherwise not had much to do with it. And so, I never got chance to enter into the Winter's Touch Challenge. Sucks, but I'm still going to paint him up. I am thinking pale blue skin, like the skink, but white in places and same with the hair etc. Will have to see.

After this, I am looking to move back onto the focus for my dwarfs. I want to get these guys worked on. They've waited for so long...

So yeah. Not much to say, except I am still around, just got quite busy and hope to change that soon.

Friday, 9 October 2009

Today I wear the dunce hat...

Yeah, as the title says I am a dunce. Why? Because I only just realised that two of the four dwarf quarrellers I have finished have the wrong arm. They do not have the correct one to allow the hand attached to the crossbow to connect. So, I do not have four finished quarrellers, I have two. =/ I feel like an idiot. Alas no pictures, but there will be when I get around to painting the rest of the unit - the proper unit that is. This means I'm probably going to have to buy another box of quarrellers. Bah.

One thing I have not cemented just yet is the bases. I don't want to do the typical rock-snow that almost all dwarfs have, even though it looks good and suits them. I have actually considered doing a stone floor, to make it look as though its a dwarf hold. So a uniformed look, that would probably be different and maybe a lighter marbled look. Not sure just yet. I have a tentative 500pt list planned, which is basically some quarrellers, two units of warriors, thane and a bolt thrower.

However, for the moment I going to be working on a single mini, this being my first from privateer press. I'll explain... Sheffield Irregulars have a monthly painting competition, and this one is called "Winters Touch". I fancy giving it a go, and so chose a non-GW mini and probably the biggest mini I have painted to date. Its the Trollblood Winter Troll from Hordes, he looks like this:

I am planning on doing him much paler, more white than the blue they have used and he'll be on a snow base. I have assembled him - came with two torso halves and two arms separate - and have greenstuffed the joins. I really....REALLY... need to practice with GS. I have covered the joins, but its not smooth or that well done. =( I hope to get him undercoated tomorrow. For once I'm going to try a white undercoat, followed by a light black wash. I'm looking forward to painting this guy actually, seems like fun.

I also think I have a problem. I am going to do yet another army, despite only one of the armies I partly own are playable. Its seems I have a thing for the green, as I plan to do an orc and goblin army as well. The reason being is they have a bit of pretty much everything and different to the dwarfs in almost every way. I also just love their character; brutal but with a huge stupid streak. I like it! So, I am adding them to my to do list. I think what I am going to do is paint my armies in 500pts increments, slowly building up units here and there. There is one thing I do like and want, and that is to keep my armies as they are - the four. But I want them to be MONSTROUSLY huge. I want to be able to field huge armies of a well painted race. This is my dream. Now, I just need to time and money to live it.

Friday, 2 October 2009

Irregular Magazine, and other.

I have been living in Sheffield, UK for three years now and not until middle of last month was I aware of a painting group within its limits. And not one that seems so well run either. Sheffield Irregulars is their name, and they're held in a part of Sheffield I rarely transverse - so no wonder I was unaware of them. However, I have begun wandering about their website/blog and its pretty cool to see a group of painters - many of which are not from Sheffield (they have a Facebook group open to the world - get together and enjoy painting. Also, they hold a monthly painting challenge where the community chooses a theme and those participating paint a single miniature in this theme - the winner receiving an actual little trophy.

In addition to this they have begun to put out a wargaming ezine. Its not like most you see, focusing on one range, they have covered a multiple ranges, but they do still focus on the painting side of things. The guides are really easy to understand and well written. I would suggest the Irregular Magazine to anyone.

The last thing I'd like to mention is two Blood Bowl podcasts. I have been listening to them recently and they're really good. The presenters sound like they're having a hoot, whilst giving some great advice. I enjoy listening to both a lot. Here

Three Die Block
Tackle Zone Radio

Sorry for any real updates, I haven't had chance to do much hobby stuff lately. Though, I did just lose my third FUMBBL league game of the LOBBA league. Its not going well for the Orcs. =(

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