Tuesday, 25 August 2009

LOCs mini - Skink Hero

I'll explain this LOCs thing. A few years ago now, I organised a number of members from my 'home forum' (librarium-online) into painting up some miniatures for charity. It was nicknamed the 'Librarium-Online Charity Sale' or something along those lines, hence its moniker, the previous miniatures and auction is here. That time we did 40k characters and came away with £181 for charity. This time, we have more painters and its fantasy minis. We hope to raise much more. There are some fantastic ones I have seen so far, and the auctions will go up here in case any of you folk not on LO want to get hold of one of these minis.

So, I finally got around to starting this project and my mini for it. Its a skink hero. Now, I wanted him to be different, not the usual bright blue or green people generally expect for their lizards. Instead I started off with sombre grey (aka shadow grey) and have working my way up by adding in ghost grey into it. Its lighter than I planned, and might clash with the stomach I am planning but will cross that bridge when I come to it. The rest, or most, of the mini as you'll see is a red-brown colour. I generally use brown as a base for my golds, and I will be doing the scales a red-brown anyway. Its just for definition and basecoating.

The pictures aren't that good, due to his light shade, the white paper didn't work - washed him out. So I'm using an old grey tshirt for the moment, but will try and seek a better background if I can.


  1. He's looking great so far! I really like the skin tone.

  2. Looks good so far, the tone on the skin looks lovely. Will keep an eye on your progress! :)

  3. Loving the skin so far, you can't go wrong if you keep down this path.


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