Friday, 7 August 2009

Ork Objective (Pt VI)

The fourth objective is complete. The sign was done to appear like wood. It wasn't easy as the piece was flat, I had to mark out the wooden planks first. But, so far its my best attempt yet. Some of the shading is a bit too thick, but its not too distracting. For those wanting to know, I used this tutorial from Brushthralls : Wood Grain 101. Despite the site is for Privateer Press stuff, I suggest people check it out as pretty much everything there can be used for GW minis as well.

Then came the writing. I decided that it should be in turquoise as it will tie it in nicely to my army. I know what you'll think when you see it - and yes I did sort of run out of room, however as its orks I figured it works quite well.

So, that is four out of five objectives complete. I have just the grot left for the final one, but I'm going to concentrate on the Black Templar at the moment and then the Lizardmen for the LOCs project.

Just to recap, here they all are:

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