Monday, 9 April 2012

Thoughts on increasing my dwarf army

Thoughts on updating and increasing my dwarf army, and the new blog look.

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First of all, as you can tell I am going on a Dwarf kick here.  Today I got the skin and beard of my runesmith sorted,the fella is a great looking red head (I have a great love for them).  Not only that but I also find that they're quite hard to paint well without it look like it's been dyed red.  Now, you're not seeing a picture for him as I didn't get chance and now the girlfriend has commandeered the desk for uni work.  So instead you can have a picture of Bugman I painted a while ago.  ;)

Last night I spent some time checking out dwarf army lists.  Now, even though I have been a Dwarf 'player' for nearly a decade, I have never really had any experience playing with them.  This sucks.  So when I came to expanding my army to 2500pts, I came unstuck.  Checking out lists I saw that the usual thing is to go large units of 25-40.  I have some warriors I am needing to expand and then a decision.  30 Quarrellers?  I have a love for shooty units, and wonder whether the large unit of these would be good.  I also need to convert up a unit of hammerers, then decide whether I want a second cannon or grudge thrower.

Now, the new blog look.  I was bored with the last one and wanted something generic and simple, and to finally make a banner.  The later is lame I know, but it's a banner.  I'm trying to keep it quite clean and tidy, so the new look I like.  If I can sort more stuff out later, I shall.

Oh and as a shout out as it's a real good view of a new player getting into the game, I suggest you check out Joey Warhammer  Yes, it's a girl playing warhammer, try to contain it guys but it is great to see someone's thoughts in yet another format - video.


  1. They new look is good. Your right on the big units thing anything less than 25/30 is not considered ideal, and you should always take GW.

    2 units of 25-30 Quarrellers is an option a lot of people go with backed with a lot of slayers running around. 2 GT's also seems to be popular. Depends on your play style and what you like.

  2. Thanks. I have realised this, played a couple of games last year and the hand weapon/shield combo just wasn't as good. And I'll look at upping them to 30 min sized.

    Yeah, I like the option for the lots of shooting and they will still be S5 in combat (GWs). Slayers I do love, but in the current game I think they are next to worthless. Too easy to kill. I am definitely considering the GT more and more.

  3. The look is very neat and easily navigated mate. I like it a lot. As for the ginger Runesmith, lets have a look at him! I picked that Bugman miniature up a few weeks back on a pilgrimage to Warhammer World, I'm planning on making him with the barstool in hand, I love how it looks.

    That video blog you have linked is really interesting. The girl has some great perspectives on the game.

  4. @Lifeless Loser - Thanks a lot. I am hoping to get pictures up tonight, I am pretty happy with how the beard looked. I just hope it looks as good in picture. I love the mini. I have the previous one as well (Bugman stood on a barrel), both are great minis.

    It is, it's a great look for new players.


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