Friday, 6 April 2012

Runesmith and Runelord

The dwarfs are coming!  Deciding to move onto something else I have moved back to my neglected dwarfs with the addition of two runesmiths/runelord.

So, due to me having to save money for a whole bunch of reasons I am not buying anything new.  With this in mind I am going through my collection of unpainted stuff trying to think of what next - I do have some ork stuff but there is one thing in mind that came about from this thread Kev's Dwarfs

Well, what have I done now?  I realise that in this climate of 8th edition, dwarf lords are really not that good.  Very expensive and easily avoided.  And more than ever anti-magic is a dwarf's best friend.  So, welcome the two new additions too my army; a runesmith and runelord!  I am not sure about the runelord part, but I do need one of them in my army.  I can't come up with a decent version of the anvil yet so the runelord on his own will be enough.

This one is converted from the metal longbeard standard bearer.  I liked his look and figured he could do quite well as a runesmith.

This guy is based off of the Mordheim noble model, and I found that the hammer looked really like a runelord would have it.  The staff will have some rune or something suitable painted on it.


  1. Those are some very rune-lordy runelords. I can't wait to see some paint slapped on them!

  2. Always love seeing metals being converted. Good job!

  3. Thanks a lot guys. Hopefully I'll get some paint on them by the end of the week.


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