Saturday, 14 April 2012

Runesmith completed

Completed Runesmith for the Dwarf army...  More pictures inside

He was actually finished a day or two ago, I just had his base to sort out.  With completion on that, here is is.

As you can see with this guy, and will be with my heroes, I have gone for gold, rather than a brass look for sections.  I would say that the elite can get some gold on to their stuff, and they don't come much more respected and elite than a Runesmith.  Some sections you'll note - the B on the staff for example - have a stronger halo of colour around it, this is because it was washed with red to try and make it stand out a bit more than being just say decoration.  It's not perfect, but I think it worked out all right in the end.

The beard I have previously mentioned but I find myself fondly proud of it.  It doesn't look too red or brown for it to be hair.  Admittedly, it's not perfect at all but I think it works quite well.

I think the silver highlights show up better in these pictures, the reason being I made my own light tent.  Basically three pieces of white A4 with my lamp shining down at an angle.  Oddly enough, these are perhaps the best photos i have taken for some time, so yay me!

The base was done a tiny bit differently this time, and while I am having difficulty in ensuring that it's all square and level I prefer the colour of the stones this time.  I also painted the edge in a dark grey as I found the contrast between the black and grey a bit too stark.

Just another view of the hammer to show the jewel and the gold below off.  I am considering making the woodgrain on the weapon shafts lighter in future, this being that it doesn't show off that well here and it might blend too much into brown beards.  The handle was an odd choice, I had originally planned to do it red, but I thought the beard and handle would blend into each other too much.  So I went for a cream which was heavily washed down to darken it a touch.

Overall, I am very happy with how he turned out and will be starting the Runelord tonight.  I am not sure on the staff. or what I'm going to put on it I have considered attempting a red hot looking rune.  The list is still a work in progress, I have seen a nice looking tourney list but I dislike "stealing" lists.


  1. Looks great nice subtle but detailed colour scheme

    1. Thanks a lot John. The issue with this guy was getting the army colours on him, without him looking like a pure metal blob. The turquoise helped I think.

      The Runelord is in progress and pictures soon.


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