Monday, 16 April 2012

Runelord Staff

What do you think?  I'm kind of happy about it, it's not very glowly but I am still learning freehand and think it's a decent start.  Any thoughts to improve it or for next time?  And I'm not sure about his cloak, runes or border or nothing...


  1. I think its pretty glowy looking. Much better free-hand then I'm going to accomplish.

  2. I think as far as glowing, it's a no go. As far as detail in freehand at that scale, pure win. Getting the overlap to the rune design can be tough to do.

    I'd almost rather see it made to look like it's etched out of the stone weapon head myself.
    Very nice work!
    Ron, FTW

  3. @Student Teacher - Thanks a lot. My freehand is alright, it's getting better with practice.

    @Ron - I agree that it isn't that glowy, it does look a bit flat and lacks the depth. I am happy to get it looking as I have though, and thanks for the compliment! The etched idea was one I toyed with, but I wasn't sure how I'd make it work in the end.


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