Saturday, 14 April 2012

A decent Dwarf list? Lets see...

Musing on a possible Dwarf army list to be built for the summer...

This is the army list I am toying at aiming for.  It is quite anti-magic heavy, but personally I think at 2500pts Dwarfs will need those extra Dispel Dice to combat the magic heavy builds that can come of these points.  I have three large blocks, on of which can shoot first and then it only has a save slightly less than the warriors with the same stats.

I agonised over what war machines to take, in the end I went with two anti-infantry styles machines and one to deal with big things/monsters.  I did consider two small units of miners (5 man) to be annoying and try to sneak behind and take out war machines.

shield; MRoBalance, RoSpellbreaking, RoStone, MRoSpite, RoPerservation ~ 283pt

MRoGromril, RoPreservation, RoResistance, RoFire;RoTh Furnace ~ 165pts

Shield; RoSpellbreaking x2; RoStone ~ 129pts

Shield; Spell Eater Rune; RoStone ~ 129pts

35 Warriors
Great Weapon; Full Command ~ 375pts

30 Quarrellers
Great Weapon; Full Command ~ 415pts

30 Hammerers
Full Command; MRoGrungni ~ 432pts

RoForging, RoBurning; Engineer ~ 150pts

Grudge Thrower
RoAccuracy, RoPenetrating; Engineer ~ 145pts

Grudge Thrower
RoAccuracy, RoPenetratingx2 ~ 155pts

Organ Gun ~ 120pts

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  1. That seems a tad too anti-magic! At 2500 I'd really want another block of infantry in there, and more models in that hammerer unit so they can withstand nasty charges and striking first units. Perhaps drop one of your runesmiths? Maybe give those Quarrellers scout as well.

    Recently I've been having fun with anvil lists with large amounts of inf, something along the lines of:
    20 Miners x2
    30 Warriors x2
    30 Hammerers
    1 cannon, 1 gyro (!), Anvil. Swap out the gyro for orgun gun if you want.

    If I were to change anything, I'd take more anti magic runes on the Runelord. The idea is to get stuck in so that ranged damage / magic damage can't target you once your in combat.

    It's a hugely liberating feeling to not have to worry about loads of war machines and instead march across the field. :)


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