Sunday, 22 April 2012

Dwarf Warriors

This week I have been painting some dwarf warriors to increase my unit size, from the previous 20 I had.  Below you'll see the eight new additions...

This week I have not been lazy, but busy painting.  You'll see the eight extra dwarfs here, taking my GW armed warriors to 28.  I have another eight and a four man unit filler to do for the unit, to make it a nice large forty man one.

I have used a few of the new GW colours on these guys and I like them.  They cover well and have a nice range.  This change is going to force me to alter my original recipe a little bit, so I'll have a play about when I can get more paints.  In the mean time, here...  

Oh, and I know one is missing a hand/arm.  He's from the missile unit set and I missed him in conversions.  They'll be painted with the next eight.


  1. Very nice. I've got about 60 of these blighters in the loft I can't bring myself to paint. There some of the worst models in the GW range. Credit to you for making them pleasing to the eye.

  2. How long does it take you to paint a figure?

  3. Oh hey, I failed to notice this replies. Thanks a lot for the comments. :)

    @Allmyownbattles - While I agree the newer plastics are not the most characterful, I don't think they are ugly. They can be with a bit of work made decent. My issue with them is the lack of ability for playability. There is no way of posing them except from how GW made them or without extensive remodelling.

    @Kyle - I don't actually know. It takes me a week to paint eight models, and that is usually panting between 3 and four hours a day. But in that block of time I might not be purely painting, it is closer to probably about two or three hours.


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