Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Not dead!

Hey guys, just wanted to give a brief update. I turned twenty-five on Monday, so the weekend was busy and so was my actual birthday. Been doing other things since then, such as Batman -Arkham Asylum, hanging out with house mates, uni/uni society stuff and even gamesday today. I intend to try and make time for painting each week, and have decided that depsite having space wolf stuff (picked up two boxes of wolves and one wolf guard today) I am going to get my dwarfs to 1000-1500pts before moving on to the wolves or another project. Its just going to be slow, due to this being my final year, having an 8-12,000 word essay to research and write for the end of my year and other uni based stuff, it's not going to be easy finding time for painting and such. But I'll try.

Oh yeah, and here's some stuff from Sunday.
Gamesday 2009


  1. Happy birthday! I've been saving up for ODST, but I keep hearing so many good games about Arkham I may have to pull an audible...

  2. Great pics! Thanks for posting them!


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