Sunday, 6 September 2009

Dwarf lord (Pt III)

And so... he's done. Overall I am very happy with him. For once my gold turned out decent,
followed Minus_t's recipe along with a bit of my own addition. The axe head is OK, but the silver is a bit rough for some reason. The runes aren't perfect either, I think grey was too different, or too dark for the job. No worries. I have his base to do tomorrow and sorted.


  1. Very nice! I really like the job you did on the skin tone. Do you mind sharing your recipe for the blond hair?

  2. Thanks. I have always enjoyed painting skin, but not large areas, faces and arms are fun to paint I find.

    The blonde was done like so;

    The beard was basecoated with calthan brown, then snakebite leather for the first layer. Add some golden yellow to the snakebite, then kommando khaki. Then I added deneb stone and a small amount of skull whire for the final layers. It was then washed with a watered down sepia wash

  3. Oh man Kuf that came up beautifully.

    I have always loved the pose of that model and you have really excelled at conveying the Dwarfs true demeanor - glaring out from behind his helm and beard. You can almost imagine him looking out over a field of battle, grumbling about the fall of the Dwarven empire, or bemoaning the lack of challenge offered by a lesser race.

    Simply stunning mate, well done.

  4. Rouge - Thanks a lot. I loved painting him, and GW did good with the last batch of dwarf characters I feel. This guy and the one with his helmet under his arm are perhaps my two favourite GW minis ever.


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