Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Test Dwarf B

OK, so new test subject. It was suggested I do the turquoise and the grey slightly brighter. So, I had a fiddle about with a second dwarf and came up with the following scheme.

I quite like this one, its a bit better in that the grey doesn't look either unfinished or too much like the armour. I used shadow grey as my base and went from there.


  1. I like this guy better, but if it were me I'd still lighten up the gray a bit more. The turquoise looks very nice though.


  2. I agree with Simon, the grey may need one more highlight otherwise it looks fine.

  3. Really like your paint scheme, think you've found an original and most importantly good looking theme, which should work for every unit of your army.

    Yes, the grey could probably be highlighted just a littlebit more, but apart from that, only thing I think I'd do, was to do the fletching on the bolts grey and turquoise.
    For example, you could do them grey (goose feathers are grey..), and then add a stripe of turquoise on the middle.

    I think the pure turquoise feathers are too... much turquoise..?

    I don't know, maybe my suggestion won't look good even, but myeah, just a suggestion, to make them look more "feathery"

    Owh, great blog by the way! Keep it up!

  4. I think it looks really good.

  5. Thanks for the comments folk. I also like this scheme, I think it works really well and is different to any other I've seen about. And I did some research.

    Noeste - Welcome to the blog. -__^ And I see your point about the fletching. I have had a minor go at it with turquoise but it doesn't really show up well. I'll give the grey and turquoise idea a shot - thanks. =)

    I will be working on my quarreller unit tomorrow, but won't get much done over the weekend or indeed over the next few months due to me returning to academic year of university life. But I'll try and get some stuff done. =)


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