Friday, 2 October 2009

Irregular Magazine, and other.

I have been living in Sheffield, UK for three years now and not until middle of last month was I aware of a painting group within its limits. And not one that seems so well run either. Sheffield Irregulars is their name, and they're held in a part of Sheffield I rarely transverse - so no wonder I was unaware of them. However, I have begun wandering about their website/blog and its pretty cool to see a group of painters - many of which are not from Sheffield (they have a Facebook group open to the world - get together and enjoy painting. Also, they hold a monthly painting challenge where the community chooses a theme and those participating paint a single miniature in this theme - the winner receiving an actual little trophy.

In addition to this they have begun to put out a wargaming ezine. Its not like most you see, focusing on one range, they have covered a multiple ranges, but they do still focus on the painting side of things. The guides are really easy to understand and well written. I would suggest the Irregular Magazine to anyone.

The last thing I'd like to mention is two Blood Bowl podcasts. I have been listening to them recently and they're really good. The presenters sound like they're having a hoot, whilst giving some great advice. I enjoy listening to both a lot. Here

Three Die Block
Tackle Zone Radio

Sorry for any real updates, I haven't had chance to do much hobby stuff lately. Though, I did just lose my third FUMBBL league game of the LOBBA league. Its not going well for the Orcs. =(


  1. Thanks for your nice comments about Sheffield Irregulars and Irregular Magazine.
    Hope you can make it to one of our Sunday paint sessions sometime - and if not, say hi online.

  2. If you're in Sheffield on Saturday, we are holding our annual painting show at Patriot games on Saturday starting at 11 am. There are workshops and participation games.


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