Monday, 14 September 2009

LOBBA is a go!

So, on my home forum of we have now begun an online Blood Bowl league. This is done via, a great site for playing an older edition of the game online using nothing but a java program. It has begun as of tonight and will run for about three months, so you may well end up hearing stuff about this on my blog now.

I am quite excited about this, for it will be another thing I have added to the forum and organised. Also, it adds another notch on my experience belt of the hobby. Not quite the same as a table-top version, I'm sure but its something.

So, for those interested here are two links. You should be able to keep up to date with things and view things. I hope so anyway. =)

LOBBA season I
Forum Thread

In other news, I am still trying to consider dwarf colour schemes. I want to steer away from the typical ones, like I said in my previous post but coming up with a suitable scheme seems more than hard at the moment. =/ And thanks for the comments about the fantasy blog hub. I dunno if it be a good idea, but its something to consider.

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