Wednesday, 16 September 2009

The choices we make...

Or don't make, as it was in my case. I want to make this entry about remembering the beginning of my, and mayhaps your own, experience of the miniature hobby.

I actually forget how I got into the hobby, I know it involved "Heroquest". But from where I got it I am unaware of. I was then invited to a house of someone my dad worked with, and there I was thrown into the world of Warhammer. I loved it. It was brilliant good fun and after that my dad brought me a second hand dwarf army from one of the guys. So, my first ever army was not actually one of my choice. Seems odd now, and I'm not sure I'd have chosen them myself but I love the dwarf army.

Since then I have loved my dwarf army and they're always going to be my first love in the Warhammer world. I am looking forward to repainting my dwarfs and making them look all nice and great, I also want to expand them to include every unit and make it a great big army. I love their background and mostly their minis.


  1. Oh, Heroquest. How I loved thee in 5th grade...

    I agree that Dwarfs have some really great minis. Kudos to you for revisiting your army.

  2. I'm revisiting the wood elves,,, which I never actually started. I've been playing 40k for years and finally am buckling down to build and paint the original gw product that caught my eye.

    Check out my progress over @


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