Saturday, 12 September 2009


So, I felt like I should update this blog. I have no photos this time, but I have some words instead. =P

I started working on an orc blood bowl team, got one player complete but to make the rest of the team I'd need more bits, and the bits sites I use are all sold out. And I realised I have stuff I have to paint anyway, and so changed over to my roots. Dwarfs. So, I built seven quarrellers, so far and need to take stock on what I have with me. I have planned a small list, or have ideas, so I'm pretty sure I have that. There is one problem I have at the moment, the paint scheme! I cannot decide just what scheme I want for them. I am trying to avoid the typical schemes, mainly those of red/white (or cream) and blue/khaki (or white/cream). I like the idea of using brown or green as the more neutral or earthy tones tend to suit the dwarfs quite well. So, my plan is to strip my army and repaint it. New bases, scheme and everything. So, watch out!

I have an idea about something. I'm not sure I've seen many fantasy based blogs about on the blogsphere, plenty of 40k based ones. Why is this? I know the From the Warp doesn't discriminate against fantasy based blogs, but its a shame to see less of them. I was wondering if it would be worth it for a blog roll as such - or something - for the fantasy based ones. I'm just curious and enjoy doing these sort of things. *shrug*


  1. I have often thought about this same subject.

    The 40K universe if prevalent in the blogosphere. I believe this is mainly due to the work of sites such as From the Warp and Bell of Lost Souls that act as the epicenter of 40K online hobby material. More specifically, From the Warp has the FTW Blogger Group that brings together all these separate sites into a 40K community--it's like Facebook for bloggers.

    I would love for something similar to Ron's work at From the Warp to be developed for the Fantasy side of the hobby, and would fully support any such endeavor.

  2. Great post, by the way. This just goes to show that our hobby is so much more than just buying, painting, and playing with little toy figures.

  3. BoLS has a few Fantasy Blogs and they are actively trying to get more all the time.

    As a Fantasy blogger I wish there were more WHFB blogs in general.

    Looking forward to seeing more Dwarfs!

  4. I think that BoLS will always be seen as a 40K blog/community. I'd like to see a new blog step up and become a hub for the Fantasy community.

  5. Thanks for the comments guys. =)

    I agree on 40k being the more prevalent in the blogosphere, which is a shame. And I'd love to run such a blog akin to FTW, but I lack any ability with HTML to make it as cool as Ron's. Also, I wouldn't want to rival it, FTW has done a brilliant job for blogs - or all kinds - in terms of them being seen. I have nothing but respect for Ron and that site, but would love to see fantasy based blogs about.

  6. If it was Fantasy based, I don't see how it would compete with FTW. It would just be another way to grow the community.

    I have to believe there are more Fantasy blogs out there. I just don't know where to find them.

    Maybe we could pool our resources and get a list going of all the Fantasy blogs we know of? We'd probably need to get permission from all the authors first. Just thinking out loud...

  7. This is also a subject I have been thinking about recently. The 40k "blogsphere" is much larger than the fantasy.

    Whilst FTW and BoLS have groups (blog lists) member's cannot contribute to the sites.

    I agree with Shrink to Fit, that a pool (members) who can post articles independantly would mean members feel more of a community. I think it needs to be something different from FTW and BoLS.

    I would be up for helping to get something like this started.

  8. Thanks guys, kinda glad to know that I'm not the only one with thoughts on this. =)

    I like the pooling idea and allowing others to post, but without making a forum or making everyone with admin access, I am unsure exactly how this would work with the blogspot blog system.

    I'm interested in the idea and how something like this would work, it just needs some thought put into it and investigation.

  9. The blogspot blog system allows upto 100 authors (who can all post blog entries).

    If your interested, let me know, as I would also be interested.

  10. Sounds like a great idea - especially for those of us who don't play 40k, nor plan to do it in the future.

    Would be wonderful if we Fantasy players could get/make a community for our game!

    So count me in, I hope I can be able to contribute in one way or another!


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