Monday, 7 September 2009

Complete Dwarf Lord

Here he is, on his base and all done.


  1. Great work on this guy - everything is very well done.

  2. Mate that is absolutely fantastic - as a Dwarf player I can only say I am extremely envious of your painting abilities

  3. Nice work Grumpy, the better painted they are the more my vamps like to sink their teeth in ;)

    I just picked up your blog from Stunty Heaven - another vertically challenged place :D

    Anyway, we're always looking for enthusiastic bloggers to join our forum so if you'd like to you'd be more than welcome.

    Stunty Heaven (John or Kiwi as he's known in the forum is a member so you'll have someone to drink Bugmans with !)

    Battle Reporter forum

    Oh and if I add you to my blogroll
    (Battle Reporter blog)
    will you add me to yours ?

    All the best,

  4. Thanks guys. =) I truly enjoyed painting this guy, and forgot how much I enjoyed painting dwarfs. =D

    My blog has made it elsewhere? I'm surprised and quite happy about that. I will hopefully be bringing more Fantasy stuff into it in the future.

  5. Top quality as always Kuffy! Really impressed with the skin on this one.



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