Thursday, 30 September 2010

Elf. Just an elf.

Right.  I have been working on an [I]elf[/I].  I am OK with it, I don't mind him but he's not the best model I have painted.  I am looking as to whether or not sell him on ebay, I have a base to do for him.  I painted him in more muted colours, I wanted him to be elfy but not very bright blue or red like the usual elf schemes.  I am not fully sold on the cloak, I need to practice more at blending and the sword looks a little washed out.  Other than that, he's OK.

Oh, and I might try selling the warrior priest again.


  1. Very nice detailing the face and shading on the armour is great

  2. Thanks a lot. The skin worked out quite well, I am happy with it.

  3. I think it looks very nice. As John says great detailing and shading.
    It maybe a small thing, but for some reason the detail on the back of the shield looks great! (I think this is prompted by guilt at never doing them properly on my Clanrats...)

  4. Vermintide - Thanks. I think he mostly turned out OK, but I could do with more practice on certain aspects.

    The shield. I quite enjoyed doing that really, it just looked too much to have it blank or one flat colour. So, I figured I'd paint some some wood grain. Kinda worked I hope.

  5. Well it may be just an elf but it's nicely painted! I particularly like the face and the wood grain on the shield. IMHO some of the metalics could use a bit more shading and the cloack a bit more highlighting but the overal result is very good.

  6. @Brother Captain Thanks, I like the wood grain. It turned out quite well, however I do agree on the metallics and the cloak. I sometimes struggle with the metallics, the cloak I need to practice my blending.



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