Sunday, 19 September 2010

A Dwarfs Tale: From King to Clansman. Part I - The Beginning

As readers of my blog(s) might well know, my first and main army for Warhammer fantasy is Dwarfs.  I am in the process of rebuilding my dwarf army, this means repainting, converting and adding my own fluff.  So, with this in mind I decided to start a small little series on my blog.  This series will follow my progress in building this dwarf army.

So, the first part I felt like doing was the background into the beginning of my dwarfs and how I got here. 

A long time ago, over a decade now, I found the game Warhammer fantasy.  I knew nothing about it, not a single thing, but it looked like a lot of fun.  So, come Christmas my dad arrives with a small package; within it held a fully painted dwarf army.  Fast forward to 6th edition, the new plastic dwarfs are released with a new book.  My army increases, more dwarfs sprout along with a new colour scheme.  I did, like a lot of dwarf players in 6th, I copied the studio scheme – this was green and brown (Karak Hirn).  However, this did not pen out well with the previous miniatures I had; pretty much none of them had a similar scheme so it was a bit haphazard.  The new miniatures though looked much better than the old ones and so I stuck with the nice scheme of green and brown. 

This was not the end of the colour schemes.  After this, GW released the newer – and better looking plastic kits.  Along with these new dwarfs came a new scheme.  This time I went with blue and khaki.  I liked this scheme, it was very dwarf seeming and worked really well.  This scheme did pose a problem.  Lots of dwarf players also liked this scheme, and so the blue and khaki colours became rather popular.  So, we arrive now.  I have settled on a new scheme, it is different and I don’t expect many dwarf players to use my scheme either.  With the colours of my dwarfs sorted, I have sad down and worked on some fluff for my dwarfs.  I know many gamers don’t care about fluff; I however plan to make this dwarf army last for a very long time.  And because of this, I am giving them a long background along with certain named characters.  

I have the intention to make this dwarf army HUGE.  I have plans to make this army my main dwarf army until I stop the game.  Looking at the list of dwarf miniatures I possess it is quite the task; however I am aware that I need many, many more dwarf units (I have a lot of characters, including the older special characters from the last few editions). 

That is it for now.  At some point I might post up my dwarf collection (just a list, it would be many, many pictures) and you can see just what I have.  Oh, and just as a warning… this is going to be a very long process.  I hope to get started on some dwarfs soon, once I have my painting area assembled and gotten back into the swing of things.

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