Sunday, 26 September 2010

Bugman from Bugman's Bar

Anyway, he is now finished.  Have a look...

I am now actually on to my next project, and... it's a single elf mini.  I might try and sell him on ebay, along with the warrior priest again.  Not sure yet though.


  1. Ah wow I never knew there was such a model. I must figure a way how to acquire one! He looks great, you have done a good job on him!

  2. Thanks a lot. =) Yeah, he is only available from Bugman's Bar is WHW. They do make really nice sculpts of him. He does come with an optional stool rather than the axe, but I like the axe.

  3. Skin looks great Kuffy really good job, the cloak is a little flat for my taste though


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