Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Podcast review - Garagehammer, episode 8

This is the first time I listened to this podcast, but I have heard of them about.  And as luck would have it, this episode discusses my favourite Fantasy topic.. DWARFS!

Now, this podcast comes across to me as being a very laid back ship.  I didn't get the feeling that they were geared for tournament play like many of the other podcasts you can find on the net.  I think this is a great difference, I really liked how laid back they were.  For example when discussing their army lists, they didn't go for all the more powerful options but rather they sounded quite fluffy and fun.  I enjoyed the general discussion they had over their local gaming and stuff, and the "Phoenix Prince" section was an amusing and interesting touch.  One nice point I did enjoy, was that they avoided swearing or cursing.  I personally don't mind that much in general, but this makes it more family friendly and does just show that you don't need to swear all the time to have fun.  It makes a nice change.

I really enjoyed the very comprehensive discussion of the dwarf army book, by a rather experienced dwarf general.  There were some nice comments and ideas, a lot of which I am sure most dwarf players would agree with.  They spent a great deal of time on each army option, giving a good strong description of each option they have and explaining the units roles and rules.  I would say if someone is looking to get into a dwarf army, this section of the podcast is a great way to learn how they work. 

I really enjoyed the podcast, I am thinking of making this a regular feature for my painting times.  Go listen!  But be warned, their shows aren't short!

You can find them at: http://garagehammer.net/

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