Sunday, 26 September 2010

Bugman from Bugman's Bar

I have had this fellow in my box for some time, and well, I saw an opportunity to get him painted.  He is almost done, just the piece of flooring he came on to paint.  Overall, I am pretty happy with him, the skin and the beard I really like.  The beard was done using my usual blonde method, but I didn't add golden yellow into the mix, made it a bit more natural and more sandy blonde. 

The only thing I am not fully happy with is the gold.  It just doesn't look right, and I have painted, washed and repainted it too many times to mess about with it any more.  I just need to practice my gold more.  The silver on the axe also came out not fully to my liking - and might look under highlighted.

This is just a mini, a really fun one to paint and he'll be glued to his base for display.  Getting in the mood for more dwarfs (I have 16 warriors and Thunderers to paint next and a cannon). 


  1. That's one bad ass dwarf! I got a buddy going to games day, hoping he'll bring me home one.

  2. Thanks dude. Can you get him from Games Day? I thought he was only available from Bugman's bar? Either way, he is a great sculpt.


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