Friday, 28 May 2010

Blood Bowl Dwarfs, More!

I have been delayed in painting over the last few days, mostly due to the X-box.  Having finished my degree (just awaiting results and then graduation) I have nothing to do for a month.  Not being able to play much on the machine I recently purchased two games.  Halo3 - ODST and Dragon Age Origins.  Both great and I am really loving Dragon Age, being a huge fan of fantasy and RPGs.  So yeah...  However just to show I am doing stuff... I come bearing images!

All that is left now is the slayer and the star player slayer.  Then on to the few extras.  I have a good idea on how I want to do the "Score" and the "Turn" markers, but the "re-roll" ones I cannot think of something good except barrels and I do not own any fantasy-esk ones.  Ideas?

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  1. Know all about DA:O stealing time, great game though! Also a big fan of the Halo-series myself, but as you say, it's bad for painting progress, heh.

    Your Dwarfs seem to be coming along nicely, and now I've never tried Blood Bowl, but could the re-roll marker represent a situation or something which grants you a re-roll?
    You could try to make your own barrels, either through some greenstuff/mulliput sculpting, or glueing some small pieces of wood together? Matches come to mind as suitable materials, if you'd use a knife to split each square match into two "boards"?


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