Thursday, 13 May 2010

I am painting!

Just a brief update.  I am getting some paint down, might get some WIP pictures tomorrow.  I have four dwarf blood bowl players on my desk at the moment.  I went with a half blue, half white scheme.  So far they look OK.  I don't like the minis themselves, the masks are not fun to paint.  I also realised that I wasn't trying to paint these up to display level, so am just going to do them at a decent tabletop level.  I think they will be fine.  I am also going to be adding a few markers (turn, re-roll and score) as well. 

I am also slightly disappointed by my priest.  So far he has no bids, there are still four days or so left.  I am unsure why, perhaps the £15 starting price was a little too much.  I hope the dwarf blood bowl team goes better, though this isn't a very heartening start to an ebay sale. =(

Warrior Priest



  1. Warrior Priest looks great, I would bid on him if I had an Empire army.


  2. warrior priest does look good, ebay can be funny that way. also timing is everything, you never know if it doesn't sell you could post it three days later and have a bidding war going.

    the only suggestion i could have is if it's a display piece, it needs a display base - and if it's a playing piece maybe it needs a more standard green grass base?

  3. Hm, afraid I don't have no experience in selling items at eBay, but come to think of it, you might want to spice the base up a little bit, just a little bit of grass or something, as Tristan suggested.

    I don't think you should give up though! Might be that a little bit more advertisement would do the trick: setting up a CMON-account or run a project log over at some forum (Warseer, LibrariumOnline or The Warhammer Forum), should make a few more people aware of the auction, no?

    Best of luck, and I hope to see some nicely painted Blood Bowl Dwarfs soon!

  4. Don't get too disheartened mate, still a few days left, and the mini is definitely of a high enough quality to get more than your asking price.

    I think noeste has a great idea with advertising outside of eBay - you're more likely to get the discerning customer that way. There's too much on eBay to wade through before you find the real gems that are worth the purchase.

    Keep the faith mate. :)

  5. Hey, thanks guys.

    I have posted his existence in a few places, but many forums (or example) dislike you just plugging a sale. I he doesn't sell I'll just re-list him again soon.

    Tristan - He is sort of a gaming piece. I try to avoid the green bases because not many have them any more, and it would have gone against his theme. I suppose some grass might have helped, but I wanted a battlefield look and felt it would have been out of place.

    Noeste - I have the link in a few places, might go stick it up in a few more though.

    They are being worked on, don't worry. But they're nothing spectacular, more gaming pieces.

    Andy - Thanks.


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