Sunday, 23 May 2010

Dwarf Blood Bowl Team

So, with university practically over now I have a good few weeks before I have to move out to get some painting done.  I started on the next batch of dwarf players.  This is three longbeards/blockers and one blitzer.  Overall I am happier with them, they turned out much better than the previous four.  The only thing that might spoil them is the numbers.  I decided to do them as dwarf numerals, they go into tally style from five upwards.  They look OK, but might go back and repaint the pads with a more traditional numbers instead.  Not sure yet.



  1. They're looking good - how long does each one take? Big fan of the bases too!

    The numbers look pretty good - sure to confuse the Orc and Gobbo fans!

    "Wot's dat gate fing on 'is shoulder?!"

  2. Cheers. Not long. I am batch painting them in fours. This last set I had basecoated last week and then started them today, then finished them.


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