Friday, 21 May 2010


I haven't posted much for the better half of a week or so.  Sorry about that, life took a slightly busy turn for me.  Monday was my second year anniversary with my missus, we went to Newcastle for a day out.  Wednesday was the day I handed in my dissertation and thus practically finished uni life! 

As I have no uni stuff to do now, I am hoping to get some more painting done.  I would like to get the dwarf blood bowl team finished before I leave Sheffield.  I should manage that one.  I am not really going to get myself into massive tasks of painting, mainly because I only have a month left in Sheffield. So, I kinda can't between the packing I have to now do and such.  I do have some stuff I can finish off though.

Oh yeah.  The Warrior Priest didn't sell.  No bids.  So I will relist him at some point soon.


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