Saturday, 8 May 2010

Warrior Priest

So, as I said this fellow was going up on ebay as a test to see if I can occasionally make the odd bit of extra on the side.  He is now hosted on ebay.  You can find his link below, if you like him please bid on him! ;)

In other news, I have started another item I plan to stick on ebay.  This is a metal Dwarf Blood Bowl team.  So far I have done their bases and plan to get them undercoated and ready for painting tomorrow evening or the next day.  So expect to see them on here soon.  What is in the team is:

  1. Blitzer x2
  2. Blocker/Longbeard x7
  3. Runner x2
  4. Troll Slayer
  5. Star Player - Grim Ironjaw

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