Saturday, 23 June 2012

Unit Filler Completed

The unit filler for my latest warrior unit has been finished, based and added to the unit.  And out of the few I have made, it is my favourite...

And it is finished!  I decided to make the base a little more interesting and went for different coloured flagstones, increasing in brightness.  A few tufts of grass and we're good.  I have also included a picture of the currently complete unit.  I still have another ten models to add to the unit to make it a full 30 models.

This time the pictures have been taken by my camera, not my phone and actually edited.  So they should be a little better looking.

The cloak needed a little something, and although the rune on the edges does mean 'Grudge' it is in fact a weapon rune.  It works, and that is the main thing.

The positioning is to show the dwarf reading the grudges off off the page.  They turned out pretty good, if a little messy and it was fun to put some friends on the pages.

You can see the top down view of the unit and how it fits in well.  The base also has a little more static grass on it, I decided with was just too plain, hence the different stone colours (then washed with black) and the grass.

And finally a frontal view.  I am happy to have them almost done and hopefully by next weekend they will be fully complete and I'll move onto the quarrellers.

If I get time before the meet I would like to either paint up a new cannon or re do the bases for my grudge thrower and cannon to be on a smaller base; either square or a round base.

This is because I think having the large rectangle base is unwieldy.  It looks cool and works really well as a mini diorama, but in gaming terms, not so much.  I will be much easier to drop it down to a smaller base with crew on separate ones.


  1. Really like the unit filler, it looks very dwarfish and fits in perfectly in the unit. And I really love how you did the runes in the book of grudges, it's hard to paint them that small. Great job kuffeh!

  2. Cheers. I am pretty happy with it too. A simple conversion and this turned out. The runes were hard to do as I'd occasionally have too much paint on my brush and so some looked darker, or some didn't form fully. It sucks but worked out quite well in the end.


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