Saturday, 14 July 2012

[WHFB] Warrior unit finished

It has taken some time but the unit of warriors is finally done.  I have just the quarrellers to paint up and the army is basically done'.  The last ten models are OK but I rushed them and on close detail I am not fully happy.  The unit on the whole I am very happy with.  Now, here some pictures...

So, you can see the army as it is.  And you'll also notice some stuff missing.  The 20 quarrellers and the 40 hammerers are not available.  The former I have half painted onlt, the latter I don't like the current hammerer models so I'll be using the longbeards models and some old metal miners I have.

I also plan to change a a few things at a later date.  The war machines I think need to come off the larger unwieldy bases and instead put them onto smaller monster bases or the ones the Imperial Guard weapon teams come on.  And of course the army will be expanded, I have a whole bunch of stuff I can add to the army.  It's a slow burning project, as after these quarrellers I need to give the beards a rest.

I have an idea of what projects I'll move on to, I got loads.  The roks will get some work and growth in the future, I have a necromunda gang to get painted up.  I halso have two blood bowl teams (the ones from the base set), along with making a human and maybe a dwarf blood bowl team.  Oh, and some models to paint up, probably to sell.  I need to sort some stuff out, but I have a load of stuff I'd like to sell.  When I get around to it.


  1. Good stuff, the warriors look great. When are you going to field them first? :)
    You don't like the current hammerer models? I like their look, but in a unit they're WAY to regular. They're all in the same pose. When you say longbeard models, do you mean the the metal ones? Or a warrior unit with longbeard bits attached? The old metal ones could be pretty good as hammerers I think, but then, what would you use for long beards? They have the longest beards of all dwarf models I think.

  2. Great looking unit! Agree with you about the hammerers, I tried to convert my own using bitz from Warriors and Miners and doing some gs work to make shoulderpads etc. Looked okey but a lot of work if you want a whole unit.

  3. @RedCraig

    Thanks, they will be used in a few weeks. A forum I am admin on ( is going to WHW for the weekend for our yearly gathering. I think this is our 7th or 8th year.

    I don't like them, no. The one pose and they are very old; from 5th edition I believe. And yeah, I have some metal longbeards painted. They are my actual longbeards, but for the moment they will 'sub-in' as my hammerers. And I do not like the idea GW had with the plastic longbeards.

    "Oo, put a mask on, he's an ancient, venerable dwarf"

    NO, GW! NO! A long beard makes them venerable, hence the name. Not a stupid mask! RAGH!!


    Thanks a lot. Yeah, it can be done, but only with great effort. I am waiting until the book gets redone before getting hammerer models. But I might have a few goes in between now and then. My issue with this is also to do with not being very good with greenstuff.

  4. Yeah, hopefully GW releases new Hammerers when Dwarfs gets their update. I wonder what new stuff they'll get as well.

  5. Hopefully they do, the hammerer models are very old and need to be plastic. I think it'll be either a joint box with ironbreakers or a separate one for each.

    I think it'll be runic powered stone/iron golems and for the 'big thing' an airship?

  6. Man, those are some really good looking figs. I love the basing.

  7. Cheers simon, I am really happy with how they turned out.


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