Thursday, 21 June 2012

Reading, now with more grudges!

And here are the grudges....

The picture isn't amazingly clear and makes some of the runes look very smudged.  I admit they are not really sharp and clear, I will try to get a better picture when it is complete.  The runes I am kind of happy with overall, my freehand has gotten a little better but I think this was done to the brush not keeping it's point all the time.  I added the bookmark to break up the page's colour - it says 'grudge' down it.

The runes themselves say:  (Left page) 'Borak made fun of our beard'  (Right page) 'Jim looked at my Rinn and winked'

(Rinn is a dwarf Queen or royalty)  So, enjoy. ;)

The names are from members on


  1. Awesome work, Kuffeh. The translation is really funny!

  2. Cheers. I was hoping to keep it look runic but fun. I'm glad it turned out so well.


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