Thursday, 21 June 2012

Beards, fillers and guns.

Progress on the unit filler has been made, the two occupants are mostly painted.  

And I also give some brief thoughts on the 6th edition rumours.

So here we see the guy I have nicknamed as 'the reader'.  The beard I feel better about now, it looks a little less pure now although these pictures don't show it amazingly well.  The one thing with this guy I am very pleased with is the wood grain.  I think in the future I might have to take more time and make the basic wood look good on my warriors.

(And if I haven't mentioned it before, click on the pictures to make them larger)

The cloak I am quite happy with, I am wondering  whether or not it needs some freehand on the cloak edges.  I am not sure if that would spoil it, but it might be a small border like the runelord has.

This guy is a little harder to see, he's very much in shadow.  I still need to sort out the diamonds on the weapon haft and tidy some stuff up.

The book.  I am hoping to get some work on this tonight, the pages are ideally going to look quite aged and worn.  The text on it will be runes, and if I am able I might be able to write actual grudges in Khazalid (Dwarf language).  Down the centre is a book mark that didn't turn out all that well with the greenstuff work..

So, this is the heavily rumoured, almost completely true, front cover of the new edition of 6th edition of 40k. I have been following the rumours, and while much of it has caused many 40k gamers weep and break their books over their knee in anger I am very much intrigued.  Some of the stuff that has come out does sound amazing and makes the changes a huge game changer.  I am pretty much a self confessed GW fan boy, so I don't see me rage-quitting 40k any time soon, I think a lot of it will be like 8th ed fantasy.  People will gnash their teeth and throw their books out the room, but after it has been here for a while and settled people will begin to enjoy it and hopefully find that the system is better than what it is now.

I know it was a small piece here but all I want to say is.  I am excited.

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