Friday, 15 June 2012

Dwarf unit filler conversion

A work in Progress shot of the unit filler to be used for my warrior block.  Taking inspiration from good ol' dwarf fluff backgrounds I have gone with the Dammaz Kron.

Yesterday I decided I needed to get myself into gear and work on the warriors unit filler if I wanted to have them done before the meet.  I wracked my brain trying to come up with ideas, the usual - weapon dump, mule + cart, statue were top of my list.  Then I saw someone make a two man one using shieldbearers and a dwarf on top holding the Dammaz Kron (Book of Grudges).  I liked it, but didn't want to copy straight from the mini so this is what I came up with instead...

The Finished look.  The idea is he is reading from the book.  There is fluff supporting something like this.  In Honour Keeper there is a dwarf who carries the Book of Grudges strapped to his back.

This is to show the straps holding the book into place.  I decided it needed to be shown, I am not a fan of 'floating' items even though I do it a lot.

I rough shot of the book.  The back was padded out to make the book seem as though it was in a purpose made harness.  The GS work is a bit rough, but most of it is hidden behind the book, so I don't mind.

This guy just had a bit of gap filling on the arms and helmet.  I do like his pose and I think a little attempt at freehand might be needed when painting him.

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