Saturday, 2 June 2012

The Bucket List

A bucket list is a plan of things to do, usually used for life goals I have some for my gaming goals instead.  

I have recently seen a bunch of WoW based blogs where they have done a bucket list of what they want to achieve in the game.  I liked this idea and am porting it over to my blog here.

My time limit is based around the end of the year, so from now, six months.  This list will be added to a page on my blog and I seek to have regular updates on it as I mange to reach a goal, I am putting it here to start.

Dwarf Army
Dwarven Runelord
I have an issue with 'newitus'.  I keep finding myself wanting new armies, these come from seeing pictures, listening to podcasts or reading blogs.  I make plans in my head but every time it all boils back down to one thing, I have my dwarfs first.  This army was and is my first army, and at the moment it stands, well uncompleted.  I am slowly changing this, the army will be 2500pts by August but my the end of the year I want it to be at least 3000pts.  I don't see a new army on the horizon for a while, this one will be my single army for a while.

Ork Army
Like the dwarfs this army needs to grow.  It isn't quite yet at 2000pts and that is where I plan to get it by December.

I want to play at least one game a month until the end of the year.  Not a hard challenge, as I know a few people I can get games against.  Getting more would be awesome, as I have a record to try and maintain and at the moment it is being shot to shit.  Two wins out of the last ten games is not ideal.

Board Games
Blood Angel's Librarian - Worth selling?
I would also like to spend at least one night a month, maybe two, playing a board game.  I have a few and love to play them (Munchkin, 7 Wonders, Pandemic and my favourite Talisman - love the game but have really back luck at it).  When the girl friend's parent's are about we do play most Sundays but I'd love to play other people.  So, there, challenge anyone?

I am one of those hobbyists that hates getting rid of their stuff.  If I paint it, it is mine.  I have sold off a very few items I own, a couple were for charity and a couple for Secret Santas.  I do however have a lot of spare minis, these I am thinking more and more about painting them up up and selling them.  There are also previously painted minis, such as the Blood Angel Librarian, Black Templar who can go.  I brought back a bunch of metal dwarfs from my parent's to try and sell.  Then there are the Blood Bowl teams from the starter set, hopefully they'd go as well as my Dwarf team did.  It be cool for the little bit extra money and to clear out some room.

Black Templar Captain - Fun to paint

I have a host of projects in the wings that require paint.  Mentioned above are the orks, dwarfs, blood bowl teams, random minis.  I also have the necromunda gang I made up a while ago, then I have plans for another mordheim gang or two.  I do love that game, just need a group to do a campaign.

I also have the Fellowship to paint up.  I brought the Mines of Moria set when I was going to play LOTR.  I have come to realise that although I quite like the rules, I don't want to play games in Middleearth.  The game just doesn't appeal where I cannot put my own history or imagination into the 'force'.  So, I'll probably paint up the Fellowship to sell off also.

Computer gaming
TALISMAN!  One of my favourite board games. (Image used without permission)
Recently I have picked up WoW once more, I realise that I do love this game.  I'm not as immersed in the lore as other games, or tabletop games, but the fun of questing (yes, I LIKE questing) and playing with friends is awesome when you don't live close by.  I have done what I did last time, dived into the game and then sunk to the bottom.  I need to cut back on the game, so have organised a weekly night to play with friends and going to cut back to only start playing gone 9 or 10pm.  This extra time will hopefully be used for more painting and spending time with people.


  1. Great post and awesome idea man. Things like this ted to really motivate me, if I give myself a goal I will work towards it instead of floundering like I do with most things. A couple of comments:

    1.) Where are you based mate? If you're anywhere about the north west you would be welcome to my gaff in Liverpool for a game of Talisman and a brew with me, her indoors and a few mates who I occasionally play Talisman with, they're a real nice bunch. The better half will definitely sort you out with your tea and stuff as well.

    2.) Never realised you were a WoW player. I'm a former player myself and I miss it so much. I had to make the call though. As much as I miss it if I carried on playing I would fall behind with my painting at a time when I feel like for the first time in years, I am really starting to progress. It's always there though, calling me back! One day...

    Great post man, looking forward to reading about your progress!


  2. Cheers.

    I find goals work well for me in general, I have an aim rather than aimlessly wondering about.

    In Leeds. I do love Talisman, I have a friend who has all the Talisman expansions, it gets nuts with so much stuff going on. But yeah, some day that be pretty awesome to play more people.

    Yeah, have been for a while. I sometimes go through phases of playing to not playing for long periods. It is hard to get obsessed with the game, I find it especially because my favourite games have always been Final Fantasy.


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