Sunday, 20 May 2012

More dwarf warriors painted.

Started on the next 30 man block of dwarf warriors...

Been a short while, but here are some dwarfs.  The pictures are crappy because I realised that I have run out of miliput for the bases.  So, damn.  Here are just a couple of quick snaps:


  1. I love the turquoise theme mate, it really pulls everything together well and its a really unique looking scheme. It also looks really earthy and muted still which I find weird because if someone told me they were using this colour, without any visual stimulate, I'd write it off as being too bright. Sterling work mate!


  2. Cheers. It's one of the reasons I decided on the theme, it is very different to what you see any other dwarf army. The turquoise was strong but needed a neutral colour to balance it.


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