Thursday, 7 April 2011

[Mordheim] Possessed Warband

An update on the Possessed Warband from a long time ago.  Trying to finish off some projects, here we have two mutants and a beastman.

OK.  So, since the weekend I have painted up three members of my Mordheim warband.  Two mutants and a beastman.  It was hard to match the colours with the older models as I didn't write down the recipe.  I think I managed it though and overall I am quite happy with them.  I did go a bit nuts with the blood effects, but it works well.  I also really like the metallics, dark and rusty looking.

So, first up we have the Beastman:

And the two Mutants:


  1. Great looking warband! The possessed look great and the brethren with the clubs have a lot of character.

  2. They look excellent. Those Ork bodies really give the mutants a burly, muscular look.

  3. Nice stuff! Much more dynamic than the standards, and I like how old-school and extra-grobbly the mutants are, rather than being ordinary blokes with a tail stuck on or whatever.

  4. Alex - Thanks, I really enjoy these guys. Lots of fun.

    Bovineoverlord - Yeah, I thought they worked really well. I didn't want them to seem too human. I might do some others another time with a more human look.

    Von - Yeah, I wasn't a fan of the older minis. I wanted the mutants to stand out much more than just odd looking humans.


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