Saturday, 16 April 2011

[MORDHEIM] Magister

Been working on this guy for a couple of days, I am overall pretty happy with him.  The dagger is different to the axe due to it falling off and the little knife working better, he does however have a mace to protect himself if need be.  Unfortunately the highlights on the scroll and skulls have been washed out a little bit.


  1. Great looking model. Your possessed warband reminds me of a warband Ally Morrison (the GW sculptor) put together for a WD article back when the game was first released but before the official possessed models came out - tons of great looking conversions done from plastic kits. Can't wait to see your whole warband painted up!

  2. Hey, thanks a lot! I have enjoyed painting these guys. It is fun to not have to worry about another twenty of them to be finished also. I should hopefully have the possessed completed this week. Then just the bases. :)


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