Wednesday, 20 April 2011

[MORDHEIM] Possessed Colours.... help.

Right I need an opinion on something.  I am unsure what colours to paint the possessed model in.  My first thought was a purple, as that is the themed colour of the warband but as the model doesn't have any cloth he'll be one big lot of purple and I don't know how well that'll turn out.  Then I have considered doing him flesh toned, with a purple wash/shading.  I want him to look good without the colour choice being too much.  Below is my conversion, I went for a more daemonic look about him rather than a daemon mutated human.  I hope.


  1. I'd suggest a light fleshy colour as a base, with a few light and controlled washes of blues, red, and purples.

    you light also want to consider giving him a spotty pattern across his back much like a deamonette, using a cut off toothpick.

  2. Hmm, I could see a flesh tone with some muted yellows and then use purple on the various spines, scales and claws.

    Another alternative for the skin could by that purplish-white that GW did their Tyranid army in.

  3. Check out my spore mines. I'm a big fan of using washes "stained" over other colours. Beige, Tan or Yellow with purple wash could work really well.

  4. Blend the purple up to reds and blues on various parts of his anatomy. It'll help him look all compositey and weird.

    What's the body that you've stuck all those Spawn bits onto?

  5. Thanks for the thoughts and ideas guys. You can see what I went for in the most recent post:

    Von - The legs are Kroot and the torso is Bloodletter.


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