Saturday, 23 April 2011

[MORDHEIM] Possessed and Warband Completion

 On this Easter Weekend I have finished my possessed warband before I go back up north for family visits and such. 


These have been a while in the making, although as it turns out I missed a single base for for one of the minis, I missed him.  =/

For the possessed I went for a flesh tone colour, I think he fits in really well with the 'band's colour scheme.  The bases I wanted to do something different, so I went for a brown base with grey stones.  I would have liked to have a more dead looking static grass... but I don't have any.

And the (near) complete warband.


  1. Looking good! I wish I could get some Mordheim going around here...

  2. Cheers dude, there isn't any going on around here either but I have a warband just in case.

  3. Lovely Kuffy! Your right the skin tone for the possessed is perfect.

  4. Great work as always. I like the colour scheme, the painting is excellent and the coversions are tidy and 'realistic' (though I use the word in its loosest possible sense).

    If you want to get some Mordheim-ing done then you could offer to run a campaign of it with your group. I find that's the best way to get the games you want to play - organise them yourself. Of course, it ends up that you have to do all the initial work, but that's not a big problem usually.

  5. The possessed looks good and fits in well with the rest of the models

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