Saturday, 25 July 2009

More Possessed

The next three brethren are finished. Except bases of course. I added blood like the previous ones but... I had an accident. You'll see what I mean, but basically I got some blood mix onto the bare headed guy and it had dried. I had could not have fixed it without doing heavy repainting on the skin. So...I went the opposite. I gave him a lead of blood splatter. It looks OK, but I wasn't too happy with him or it - I liked him better without it. He's not terrible but nor is he amazing. Oh well...

Oh and the pictures aren't amazing of him either.

Let me know what you think. For now I'm going to put these guys aside and do a few Ork Objectives. Being as you can get D3+2 objectives I have decided to make some for my orks. I'll hopefully have some photos up later tonight.

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