Monday, 4 April 2011

"Dice is Our Vice"

As you might have guessed from the title, I have been listening to a certain podcast recently.  Can you guess which...?

Fine, it is the D6 Generation.  I have of course always heard of it, but I never put the time in to listen until last week.  I needed something new with most of the warhammer podcasts having done their rounds, so I decided to drop by this podcast.  It is A W E S O M E ! ! !  I mean it.  I have had a great time listening to a group of guys who are not sole GW fanboys and have a more ecliptic view of the gaming world. 

I have found they have awoken some desire for a gaming group better than what I have here (they only do 40k and have a max of two - three tables available each week for gaming on).  And that I want a wider taste to the world of gaming.  I am very much, and I have no shame in this, a GW fanboy.  I have my issues with them, but to my mind no one does the miniature gaming hobby better than they do.  I stick very closely to their products, collecting multiple armies for their various systems (Mordheim, Warhammer Fantasy, 40k and Blood Bowl).  I do like the other miniature gaming ranges (Privateer Press and Wyrd for example) but I cannot bring myself to start any of these new systems until I find a gaming group that is more open to them and larger than getting six or seven gamers a week.  I do think I want to get involved with some of these systems, but the time is not yet right.

Another thing I have found that I really want to get into playing more board games.  I recently picked up Talisman, after a visiting friend brought his copy down, and it is awesome fun.  I do hope you fantasy gamers out there have played it.  It is very simple and fun with a great fantasy setting, even my girl friend has had a great time playing it.  I however have not had the best of luck, out of three games I have lost about six characters.  Which is a lot.  I found that listening to the D6G I want to try more of these games they describe and discuss.  For example there is Decent that they seem to love, it is expensive but the dungeon crawler genre sounds very appealing to me.  Very.  I just need people to play these games with!

They have also stirred in me another desire that I have never been able to touch.  Roleplaying.  I have always been interested in doing an RPG but never found the guts to look for a group or been in an area where the right kind of people who might be interested could be found.  I actually again have been looking towards the GW universe for this.  The idea of Dark Heresy is pretty nice, I am considering picking up the rulebook soon just to check it out.  I already own the Warhammer Fantasy Roleplaying 2nd Edition, so that could be fun to play about with.  One thing that has stopped me from trying RPGs is lack of experience with them, to be confident to partake in them I would like to try it with an experienced group or GM.  I would however love to be one day a GM myself.  I like controlling games.

I am a fan of RPGs, they are my favourite video game (the Final Fantasy series has been my favourite for a very long time).  And I have recently stepped into the realm of MMORPG - ie, WOW.  I am really enjoying it, although I have not decided upon a race or class properly yet.  I have just started up an Orc Shaman and am quite enjoying him, before that it was a human Warlock.  I do not do the instances, dungeons or PvP although I would like to try at some point.  At other times I have more games to play, those being Fable III (I LOVED the second game) and to finish two Bioware games; Dragon Age: Origins and Mass Effect.

In the realms of painting miniatures I am taking a short break from the dwarfs and instead decided to try and finish off an older project.  This is my Mordheim warband from a while ago.  They are the Possessed warband and I have finally decided to work on these guys and try to get them finished off entirely.  The mutants are done, my solo beastman is almost done which leaves the magister and the possessed.  Oh, and to base the entire group.  Then it is back to the Dwarfs. 

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  1. If you want to try a new wargames thats not too far from WFB or W40K check out
    I love these games, or look at Black powder
    Peace James


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